Center Bearings
Internal Diameter1.181
Hole Centers7.375

Dodge Challenger 2015-2020
Dodge Charger 2015-2018
Chrysler 300 2015-2018

Shaft OE: 53010735AB, 52123974AH, 52123974AC, 52123974AD, 52123974AG, 52123974AE, 52123974AF, 68272626AB, 68272626AA, 52123980AG, 52123980AC, 52123980AF, 52123980AE, 52123980AD, 52123977AB, 52123977AC, 52123977AD, 52123977AE, 52123977AF, 52123977AG, 68212031AB, 68212031AC, 68212031AD, 68261528AA, 68261528AB, 68261528AC, 68261528AD, 68212030AB, 68212030AC, 68212030AD, 68212030AE, 68212030AF, 68212030AG, 68212030AH, 52123973AB, 52123973AC, 52123973AD, 52123973AE, 52123973AF, 52123973AG, 52123973AH, 53010846AB

Alt Ref: 3180-31

These are not easy to replace but yes all these shafts are able to separate so you can replace the bearing. There is a blind snapring behind the cv joint knuckle. Similar to an inner cv joint on a cv axle. You just need to get the snapring in the correct location and press or knock the cv joint off the shaft.

Click here for some simple diagrams.

Dodge Challenger & Charger / Chrysler 300 - 2015-2020 OE: 53010735AB

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