• Chevrolet Astro Van AWD 92-98 (932-103)
Driveshaft CV Joints
Outside Diameter3.307

This CV Joint has a flange OD of 115mm (4.53”)

The hole PCD is 100mm (3.94”)

Hole dia = 10.4mm (0.41”)

The pilot is female of 72.7mm (2.85”)

YearMakeModelConfigurationPositionsApplication Notes
1998ChevroletAstroAWDFrontPropeller Shaft
1998GMCSafariAWDFrontPropeller Shaft
1997ChevroletAstroAWDFrontPropeller Shaft
1997ChevroletBlazerAWDFrontPropeller Shaft
1997GMCSafariAWDFrontPropeller Shaft
1997OldsmobileBravada FrontPropeller Shaft
1996ChevroletAstroAWDFrontPropeller Shaft
1996ChevroletBlazerAWDFrontPropeller Shaft
1996GMCSafariAWDFrontPropeller Shaft
1996OldsmobileBravada FrontPropeller Shaft
1995ChevroletAstroAWDFrontPropeller Shaft
1995ChevroletBlazerAWDFrontPropeller Shaft
1995GMCJimmyAWDFrontPropeller Shaft
1995GMCSafariAWDFrontPropeller Shaft
1994ChevroletAstroAWDFrontPropeller Shaft
1994GMCSafariAWDFrontPropeller Shaft
1994OldsmobileBravada FrontPropeller Shaft
1993ChevroletAstroAWDFrontPropeller Shaft
1993GMCSafariAWDFrontPropeller Shaft
1993OldsmobileBravada FrontPropeller Shaft
1992ChevroletAstroAWDFrontPropeller Shaft
1992GMCSafariAWDFrontPropeller Shaft
1992OldsmobileBravada FrontPropeller Shaft
1991OldsmobileBravada FrontPropeller Shaft
1990Pontiac6000AWDRear Driveshaft - CV at Transfer Case 
1989Pontiac6000AWDRear Driveshaft - CV at Transfer Case

OEM: 26035527, 932-103



  • Fixings
  • Grease
  • High speed rubber boot


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Chevrolet Astro Van AWD 92-98 (932-103)

Part Number: CVJ002

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