• Front Driveshaft Rear CV Joint Rebuild Kit for Hummer H3 Chevy Colorado GMC Canyon
Driveshaft CV Joints
Outside Diameter3.622

Replaces the REAR CV joint of the Front Driveshaft.


YearMakeModelConfigurationPositionsApplication Notes
2004ChevroletColorado4WDFrontPropeller Shaft
2005ChevroletColorado4WDFrontPropeller Shaft
2006ChevroletColorado4WDFrontPropeller Shaft
2007ChevroletColorado4WDFrontPropeller Shaft
2008ChevroletColorado4WDFrontPropeller Shaft
2009ChevroletColorado4WDFrontPropeller Shaft
2010ChevroletColorado4WDFrontPropeller Shaft
2004GMCCanyon4WDFrontPropeller Shaft
2005GMCCanyon4WDFrontPropeller Shaft
2006GMCCanyon4WDFrontPropeller Shaft
2007GMCCanyon4WDFrontPropeller Shaft
2008GMCCanyon4WDFrontPropeller Shaft
2009GMCCanyon4WDFrontPropeller Shaft
2010GMCCanyon4WDFrontPropeller Shaft
2006HummerH34WDFrontPropeller Shaft
2007HummerH34WDFrontPropeller Shaft
2008HummerH34WDFrontPropeller Shaft
2009HummerH34WDFrontPropeller Shaft
2010HummerH34WDFrontPropeller Shaft
2009HummerH3T4WDFrontPropeller Shaft
2010HummerH3T4WDFrontPropeller Shaft
2006Isuzui-3504WDFrontPropeller Shaft
2007Isuzui-3704WDFrontPropeller Shaft
2008Isuzui-3704WDFrontPropeller Shaft


  • Fixings
  • Grease
  • High speed rubber boot


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Front Driveshaft Rear CV Joint Rebuild Kit for Hummer H3 Chevy Colorado GMC Canyon

Part Number: CVJ006

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