• Jeep Liberty KJ Front Driveshaft 29.3" 52111594AA, 52111596AA, 52111506AB
OEM Refs52111596AA, 52111506AB, 52111594AA, 52111596AA, 52111506AB, AA1659324, P52111596AA, P52111506AB, P52111594AA, P52111596AA, P52111506AB

OEM: 52111594AA, 52111596AA, 52111506AB

Working length: 29.3"



To measure your working length you will need to measure from the flat face of one mounting flange to the flat face of the opposite mounting flange. With 1/4" over or under the size being acceptable due to how the vehicle is positioned when taking the measurement. 


  •  29.3" working length
  • 16.5” weld to weld
  • greased and ready to install
  • high speed balanced
  • OEM ref: 52111594AA, 52111596AA, 52111506AB
  • Alt refs: 65-9324, 419324, 1701-325953, 225100, N93247,  AA1659324




These Jeep front driveshafts come in 5 different lengths. We have noticed that working with the data from Jeep or even the original part number, we have had cases where the data is incorrect.
Due to this we ask our customers to confirm the length of the shaft before purchasing.
You will need the length between the two mounting flanges. This can easily be done even while the shaft is on the vehicle.


All our shafts are high speed balanced and of highest quality.

  • Brand new driveshaft
  • Coated for extended resistance to rust and corrosion
  • Direct replacement for a proper fit
  • 1 Year warranty (warranty does not cover shafts that have damaged or torn boots)

Jeep Liberty KJ Front Driveshaft 29.3" 52111594AA, 52111596AA, 52111506AB

Part Number: DSJ910SS

  • $143.43

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Shipping Dimensions: 37 x 5 x 5
Weight: 18.00 lbs

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